ELV System

Access Control

Access Control (Temperature sensing & access gate)

Device reads abnormal temperature of the person, triggered-off alarm and prevent from entering the gate if detected, multi-functional device allows reading of (face, face mask, palm, fingerprint & RFID card), If user wishes to further extending the system to integrate with Cloud-HRMS solution, collected all in/out records are process as attendance and feed-to payroll system.

  • Multi-point temperature sensor and auto-selection of the highest temperature results
  • Support mask detection
  • Temperature Measurement Distance: 30 – 50cm
  • Detection Time: 0.5s
  • Temperature measuring range: 0°C to 300°C (32°F to 572°F)
RFID Card, Face, Palm, Fingerprint
Abnormal Temperature Detection

Surveillance System

CCTV Security (Wired and wireless)

  • Schools/Offices/Factories
  • Playground/Public area
  • Home/Apartment/Housing complex
  • Money Transfer Shops
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • Remote Monitoring

Survey before installation

We perform thorough survey before installation with proper equipment tools, advise, suggest on the coverage of the perimeter.

Home Smart Door Lock

Smart Door Lock (Home Security)

  • Prevent unauthorize access from entering private room.
  • In case of forgetting to bring the keys aside carrying heavy load items with you, you may not want to go down the stairs to get it back, just placed your finger to open the door.
  • Stop worrying of carrying the keys.
  • Children face difficulties opening the door, by placing the finger the child can easily get in.