Sage Accounting

The market leading Accounting software in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and other ASEAN countries, over 500,000 users.

  • General Features & Function
      • Generating of Final report
        Allow to extend Accounting period 18 months
        Opening figures are automatically carry to new year
        Fully integrated with UBS Inventory System
        Invoice settlement (lump sum/knock off bill)
        Balance sheet format can be customize
        Calculation of exchange gain/loss
        Report customization
        Access right can granted by PIN level
  • Debtors & Creditors Control
      • 8 Character Alpha numeric format
        Debtors Aging/Statement/Sales Analysis
        Creditors Aging,, Purchase Analysis
        Outstanding Invoice
  • Transaction Recording
      • Maintain batch title (Sale, Purchase, Expense, etc..), organize and tidy
        Batch can be access by PIN level
        Comprehensive editing of Transaction
        Easy search & lookup while entering Transaction
        Scan/Trace batch aren’t balance
  • Reporting
      • Direct posting to ledger keep update balance
        Project-wise reporting
        Trial, P&L, Balance Sheet
        Multiple report format for P&L
        Generate 12 months P&L columnar report
  • Periodic Maintenance
      • Easy closing of Month-end/Year-end
        Import/Export of Master Data/Transactions