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Users are able to do Check In/Out at any date, any interval without restriction. All Check In/Out hours, late-in hours, short working hours can be viewed instantly on phone. It reduce IT infra cost, Information are stored in Cloud storage at the time when activities was happened.
Location can be restricted for attendance, location records can be playback as system stored the GEO location as well. Checking leave balance or applying leave can be done via mobile phone.
All allowances, deductions, SSB, TAX calculation are configurable and customizable. Active govern rule applies by default if no preset rules are given. Individual Pay-Slip are available for user after the month-end processing, users are allow to view back their current/past payment histories as all are kept in Cloud storage.
General Features
User Account SettingUser permission and acces right can be set for individual user.
Attendance Check In/OutDone via mobile-phone, QR-code, Mark as auto fill attendance for exceptional
Attendance location restrictionGEO fence the perimeter for attendance check In/Out.
Populate Attendance RecordKeep track of Lateness/Short hours/Early-out/Absent/OverTime/Off day OT.
Employee Detail BiographyMaintain Personal/Family/Job history, Auto calculatioin of SSB/TAX base on family info.
User Define RulesConfigurable rules for Allowance & Deduction.
Leave ManagementLeave Request/Approve/Balance checking.
Benefit of using Cloud Solution
Have instance access to cloud server 24/7, work from anyplace.
Reduce IT infra cost to buy expensive server and workstations, no cable laying require, no annual maintenance cost update hardwares.

Clock In/Out can be done by any method described below or combination of more than one.

RFID Card (Radio Frequency Identification)
Fast attendance clock in/out, suitable for all operation, employee requires to hold unique card.


Fingerprint Access
Fast attendance clock in/out, suitable for operation requires strict access, prevent buddy punching.


Facial Recognition Access
Medium/Fast attendance clock in/out, suitable for operation requires strict access, prevent buddy punching.


Mobile Clock In/out Access
Requires smart phone, allows clock in/out location can be restricted, leave management, view pay-slip via mobile.


Integration with Microsoft Azure Cloud Service
Intend to move the mission critical application to the Cloud, managed users’ IoT devices with Microsoft platform tools.


Face, Palm, Fingerprint, RFID Card (Infrared temperature sensing for abnormal body heat) , with Access gate control.

Device reads abnormal temperature of the person, triggered-off alarm and prevent from entering the gate if detected, multi-functional device allows reading of (face, face mask, palm, fingerprint & RFID card) capture all in/out records and feed-to payroll system.

Read Face, Fingerprint, Palm, RFID Card
Abnormal temperature Sensing (infrared)

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